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Side tracking, also known as inclined drilling, is a term used to describe drilling of a new wellbore from the upper section of an existing well, which has stopped producing hydrocarbon either because of reservoir problems or irreparable failure of down-whole equipment. For producers, it is a cost-effective way of reactivating idle wells and rebuilding production capacity with the help of side tracking, either bypassing a problematic well section or reaching a not yet exhausted area of the reservoir.

The demand for side tracking by our Russian customers is enormous. The Russian government has encouraged oil producers to cut the share of idle wells to around 10% of total production well stock from the current level of approximately 20%. According to the Russian Energy Ministry, the current number of idle wells is around 30,000.

After starting this service with only two side tracking rigs in 2005, Petro Welt Technologies AG was able to increase its market share to 22% and to become one of the leading sidetracking companies in Russia.

Currently, Petro Welt Technologies AG operates 22 mobile
sidetracking rigs