Multi-Stage Fracturing

Petro Welt Technologies AG is at the forefront of Russian multi-stage fracturing technology. This modern form of fracturing utilizes longer horizontal well designs to maximize reservoir contact.

The added reservoir contact reduces the amount of well required for field development and associated development costs.

Figure: Multi-stage frac schematic view

Modern open-hole completions systems allow multi-stage jobs to be completed in a single day. The system opens a path to the reservoir by pumping a fluid pad opening up the natural fractures and fills these openings with proppant to support the fracture height and enable additional oil and gas production through increased connectivity. These systems then allow the team to isolate the first stage and open the second stage to continue pumping until the desired amount of stages have been completed. These multiple frac points are sequentially fractured during the same pumping operations.

Figure: Multi-stage frac analysis

Petro Welt Technologies AG works closely with International manufacturers and suppliers who supply cutting edge frac systems. These relationships offer the Russian market “Best in Class” one-trip completion and one-trip treatment systems consisting of hydraulic liner hangers, hydraulic mechanical open-hole packers, swellable open-hole packers and sophisticated frac sleeves.