Service quality and safety measures are core values for Petro Welt Technologies AG. It is our main priority for the coming years. To ensure the safety and quality of Petro Welt Technologies AG staff in the field, we built barriers to protect us from various possible hazards. These barriers include Petro Welt Technologies AG corporate regulations and instructions. We conducted a root cause analysis of several most serious incidents that happened in Petro Welt Technologies Group over the past three years. This analysis showed that some safety and quality barriers have some weaknesses.

Our Group strategic program aims to minimize risks and improve the quality of operating processes. It is composed in four big moves:

QHSE Competence and culture improvement

Move 1
Move 1 is incarnated in the QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) competence and culture improvement. This section consists of a number of actions which include observation and intervention practices implementation in the field and the OLIMP Online Training Program Implementation for all operating segments. QHSE is a critical position assessment by a qualified authority.

Hazard and effects management

Move 2
Move 2 is represented by the Hazard and Effects Management Process (HEMP). It contains the regulation and training program implementation for all operation segments as well as the worksite hazard management process implementation for all Rigs and Frac fleets.


Service quality management

Move 3
Move 3 means the improvement of the Service Quality Process. It includes measures in the context of the Quality Management System Regulation and Training Program for all operating segments aiming to optimize non-performing time (NPT). This system is based on the data analysis preparation and monthly control by operation companies and quarterly control by management team leaders.

Road safety management

Move 4
Move 4 is our Road Safety Management. The important parts of this section are IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) with tracking system installation to all passenger transportation vehicles and high risk road safety contractors assessment.