Petro Welt Technologies AG is one of the leading and first established OFS companies in Russia and the CIS

We are specialised in services which increase the productivity of new as well as existing oil & gas formations. Historically, we were one of the first Western companies to support and service the oil & gas industry of Russia and the CIS after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our strong customer relationships with key oil & gas producers in the region has developed over many years and gives us an unique competitive advantage.

With hydraulic fracturing and sidetracking Petro Welt Technologies AG provides services, representing low-cost possibilities to enhance the existing wells' productivity or reactivate idle and/or abandonned wells. Since 2011 the high class drilling service has been added to our service portfolio. This is the classical technology of drilling vertical, inclined and horizontal wells for extraction of oil and gas with a depth of up to 5,000 meters.

"KAT.oil-Leasing" LLC and "Trading House KAT.oil" LLC are solely engaged in the leasing and procurement of goods for the needs of technical equipment, spares, as well as basic auxiliary and operational materials for the operating entities.

A central executive management team is based in Moscow as part of the Group’s measures to streamline organizational processes, controlling, quality and risk management in Russia and the CIS.

Our objective is to make a sustainable contribution to cover global energy needs by increasing the production volumes of hydrocarbons and optimal exploiting oil and gas wells.
We enable the profitable extraction of oil and gas deposits, and contribute to using existing resources as safely and efficiently as possible in order to ensure a stable and economical energy supply.
We strive to assist in achieving robust growth in shareholder value on the basis of a foresighted, profitable expansion of fracking, sidetracking and drilling and other complementary services.
Group Strategy and Business Model

The Petro Welt Technologies Group is one of the leading independent service providers for oil field services in Russia and Kazakhstan. The company is very well positioned on the market, and is considered to be the undisputed market leader in its segment. Petro Welt Technologies AG is striving to generate robust growth in shareholder value by profitably expanding fracturing, sidetracking and drilling along with a series of complementary services.

The business model of Petro Welt Technologies AG is based on state-of-the-art technologies and first class equipment, which is at a large portion originated within the EU and USA. High engineering quality and a competent, experienced and wellcoordinated team of employees help to achieve the objective of predominantly organic growth.

The strategically well thought-out diversification and streamlining of the service portfolio as well as a conservative financial policy have created a solid foundation for business. Longstanding customer relationships to major oil producers in the region represent an important competitive advantage of Petro Welt Technologies AG.

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