CAT.oil GmbH (later - Petro Welt Technologies AG) founded in Celle, Germany
Foundation of C.A.T. Holding Ltd. (Cyprus), 100% shareholder of CAT.oil Beteiligungsges. m.b.H.
1991 — 1995
1st joint venture - C.A.T.Koneft and Kogalymneftegaz, a predecessor of Lukoil-West Siberia: C.A.T.oil GmbH 40% of shares, Kogalymneftegaz 60% of shares Foundation of C.A.T.oil Beteiligungsges. m.b.H. in Baden (near Vienna), Austria, as the group's holding company
1991 — 1995
2nd joint venture - C.A.T.OBNEFT and Priobneft, a production unit of the predecessor of an oil drilling division from TNK-BP. C.A.T. oil GmbH 45% of shares, Priobneft 55% of shares
C.A.T.oil Beteiligungsges. m.b.H. acquires the shares of joint venture partner of C.A.T.OBNEFT, namely TNK-BP with 55%, and becomes sole shareholder of C.A.T.OBNEFT.
C.A.T.oil Beteiligungsges. m.b.H. acquires the shares of joint venture partner of C.A.T.Koneft, namely Lukoil with 60%, and becomes sole shareholder of CATKoneft.
4 May: Successful IPO of C.A.T. oil AG at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard) 18 September: C.A.T. oil AG becomes member of SDAX at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
C.A.T. oil acquires 100% shares of FilOrAm from TNK-BP. Foundation of two subsidiaries for seismic services: C.A.T. GEODATA GmbH, Vienna and C.A.T.oil GEODATA, Russia. Foundation of C.A.T. oil Drilling as subsidiary of C.A.T.OBNEFT and C.A.T. oil Leasing
Integration of FilOrAm into C.A.T.OBNEFT.
Change of the corporate form of C.A.T.oil Beteiligungsges. m.b.H. to C.A.T. oil AG Certification of C.A.T.Koneft and C.A.T.OBNEFT under ISO 9001 Establishment of a central operational control department in Moscow for the operating subsidiaries.
Investment program for 2011-12 in the amount of EUR 150 million initiated, aiming at the setup of the new high class drilling service and expansion of the existing sidetrack drilling capacity Purchase of nine new high class drilling rigs.
Outsourcing of low-margin workover services. 17 June: C.A.T. oil AG becomes direct parent company of C.A.T. oil Drilling
Launch of new investment program of EUR 390 million 2014-16: Capacity increase of EUR 300 million in addition to EUR 90 million for maintenance. Significant expansion of operating capacity for all core services: fracturing by 33%, sidetracking by 55% and drilling by 170% by YE2016 from YE2013.
Successful completion of the investment program 2011-12 and final establishment of high class drilling service. All drilling rigs were put in operations. Additional investment program for 2012 in the amount of EUR 50 million for additional fracturing and sidetracking capacity has been initiated. Liquidation of C.A.T. oil Geodata.
The company is renamed into Petro Welt Technologies AG
The french businessman and former President of Schlumberger in Russia, Maurice Dijols, achieves the majority of the voting stock of C.A.T. oil AG, Vienna. Consequence of which is that he is elected head of supervisory board. Subsequently a new management board headed by the new CEO Yury Semenov is installed.